Sands of Madness

Stirring Sands
The setting

The brutal war between Calimport and Memnon has caused innumerable problems for the rest of Calimshan. Smaller towns in the central desert have gone unnoticed, leaving them prey to bandit raids.

The small town of Teshyll has come under increasing pressure from marauding bandits. The raiders attack supply caravans to and from the town, wearing it down bit by bit. Lord Darion Teshyll, ruler of the town, has begun raising a militia to combat these cruel raiders. Our adventurers have signed up to defend the town in hopes of achieving glory and rewards. Will our adventurers fend off the bandits? What sinister plots will they uncover? What dangers will the desert of Calim hold for them?

Find out in The Sands of Madness.


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